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Branding oh Branding!

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Your Branding Session ~

This is the cornerstone of building your Brand ~

An intense deep dive 2-hour session to work out your Key Brand, something that looks like, smells like and feels like YOU.

We explore together your idea to build out the look and feel that you are dreaming about ~ Is it pale blue like forget-me-knots? Or is it colored by deep dark shaded colors that invoke, provoke a sense of archeology? 

That is the yummy fun that we will dive into to come up with a statement, a look and feel that expresses your brand in a way that captures its essence.

I've had a number of clients who have come to me with a feeling about an idea and walked away with not only a clear brand statement but a whole idea on how to position their new business in ways that they had not thought about before.  

Last week I chatted with a client who wondered if she could build a business out of her hobby artwork. She was having a wonderful time doing these gorgeous illustrations, sharing them on Facebook and getting a wonderful response to them. But what to " do " with them? 

We dreamed into her neighborhood, imagined who her ideal client might be and realized that she loved all things in the gracious living category. It looks like her loved illustrations may become the stars of her new gracious living ideas for heirloom wedding, keepsake, and lifestyle brand. Exciting!

I think what delights me is seeing the brand come alive as products that fit easily into peoples lives, being enjoyed for their beauty, usefulness or practicality. This is so fun for me! 

We can often pinpoint some details that will help you use your brand idea right from the get-go. Your brand might evoke particular colors or textures and we can craft the beginnings of your Brand Standards, which is a living document that describes your key brand elements. 

Here are a few praises from people who have worked with me ~

It’s like stepping into another dimension as she “gets you” where you are at and is able to take your vision, break it down, and give you the practical steps to hit the ground running. 

It was a dream session and I would highly recommend her one on one product development and business strategy services. Sherry Frey

Wanted to give a big heartfelt thank you and shout out to the lovely Cydney from whom I received a 2-hour branding session. What a beautiful gift. She is gifted at attunement, holds a very skilled space, and we came up with a brand statement that feels warm, yummy, good to my heart and very ME. Jen Satya Ross

What’s fun about Cydney is that she can easily get into the minds of her many clients. It is always fun to create with her and make something the clients really feel reflects their brand. Veronique Audet, Designer

If you need someone that has real experience in branding, developing and launching a product please reach out to Cydney Mar. She truly is the BEST! Dr. Tabatha Carr



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