Develop Your Core Collection - Cydney Mar
Develop Your Core Collection - Cydney Mar
Develop Your Core Collection - Cydney Mar
Develop Your Core Collection - Cydney Mar
Develop Your Core Collection - Cydney Mar

Develop Your Core Collection

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The Key Pieces for You to Create for Your Brand 
Do you have an idea for a mini-program of fabulous ideas that you would like to turn into money-making products? 

The Key Pieces for You to Create for Your Brand is suitable for people who would like to develop small collections.
This Program is for clients who want to develop a product or small product line.

Our first session is an overview of the project ~ for me to understand your ideas completely and to find out what's at the heart of your dreams. I'll create a Project Management Plan that we will use to monitor our progress. The first session is 1 1/2 - 2 hours long.

Then there are 6 1-1 Hourly Sessions plus my time doing research or creating specs etc depending on what is needed.

 We have an opportunity to strategically develop your ideas into saleable, scalable products that your market will love. 

Together we will tackle everything that to bring your ideas to life ~

Branding Brainstorm ~ We have to get it right from the beginning ~

Timelines & Goals ~ I like to create a schedule so we can look at your launch date goals, events and build a calendar that helps you achieve your goals.

Materials ~ What materials, components, metals, what special ingredients? 

Suppliers ~ Finding the right suppliers at the right prices 

Merchandising ~ How many tops to bottoms, what roll out for deliveries?  What themes are in the Spring Collection? It has to present strongly to attract the client. 
If it's possible to create add-ons for a higher Average Order Value, we'll figure that out.

Samples ~ Making the right samples for photography, fit & production for garments, the right prototypes for 

Factories ~ Choosing the right factories for samples & production

Costing ~ Costing it with all the right margins and for scalability

Packaging ~ How do you want your customer to experience it? Packaging is a great way to ensure that your branding is in alignment with your brand.

Marketing Plans ~ I am not a marketing wizard, but I do how to create the right products for particular markets and help you design into the market... like how many samples do we really need to make for the photoshoots and can we save money by shooting a behind the scenes video at the same time?

It doesn’t include actual sampling  ( see A La Carte Menu )

 My design background in product development is sales-oriented ~

I am always interested in helping you create the right product, at the right price, reflecting a strong, recognizable Brand image ( as well, your costing has to work so you can afford wholesaling, and scaling up... what if Trader Joe's or Nordstrom's comes knocking and you started with a price that works for a Mom & Pop Shop, just there is no margin to Wholesale or work with a Distributor? ) 

We need to make sure your ideas are costed properly.

 We are creating it to help you build a sensible business and achieve sales to make it sustainable. Otherwise, we can just make one-offs and stay home. We create these products for sale and I always encourage my clients to be sales-oriented. That's the goal. Sales. Lots of them!

 I also like to help guide you to invest in what is needed and not more. 

I like to help reverse engineer your project so you can afford the samples, the marketing, the production. 

We start with the end in mind and think through the first production and what we hope that you net out from it financially.

We need to look at how to get you to market and sell what you are making. 

Inventory needs to be turned into money. 

Sales = Success.

Clients typically book sessions every 2 weeks depending on schedules. 

Once in a while, some clients stretch it out over 6 months. This is only if there is a Life. Happens. Situation. and then our meetings would be once a month. The same scope of work stretched out. That is the maximum time allowed for this program.

Sessions can be rescheduled if they are rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance. Please note that if you don't show up, the session will be considered allocated and counted as utilized. 

Emails are included ~ so between sessions, are quite fine.
I typically answer within 24 hours, so we can stay on top of progress. 
It's my job to help keep you from overwhelm, to help you keep to your timeline that we will create together and meet your goals.
I was so glad to receive this review from a happy client ~
Working with Cydney Mar has been a delight.
She pays attention to every detail and leaves no stone unturned.
Her guidance with my line has been incredibly valuable because her sense of taste, style, and beauty is impeccable.
Ready to bring your dreams to life?
I'm ready when you are!
The Product Development Strategist 
AKA Your Fairy GodMother

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