Presentation Skills - Cydney Mar
Presentation Skills - Cydney Mar
Presentation Skills - Cydney Mar
Presentation Skills - Cydney Mar

Presentation Skills

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Do you have an important upcoming presentation that you have to nail? 

Worried about not presenting it quite right?

Is it for a board meeting, showroom presentation to key buyers who can make or break your year? An opportunity to present your products on TV?

Just want to present yourself on Youtube and make a great, unique presentation style?

Are you looking for someone to help you craft your presentation story?

I can help.

I have presented and sold over 300 million dollars worth of product over the course of my career. From small appointments working with buyers, to selling out on QVC USA, I can help prepare you to be your best.

I've had the pleasure of selling on live TV in 8 countries over 15 years and over 800 hours LIVE on TV. 

Together, we will figure out what the best way is to craft your story, practice your presentation and make sure that you have all the right paperwork to hand off if needed. The right paperwork to leave with investors, buyers or media always helps to follow up the presentation in a professional manner. 

Sometimes, just thinking through what your end goals are, helps us figure out how to nail the presentation, or close the sale.

This is a 1-hour meeting via Zoom Video, as many clients are located all over the world.  This seems to work best. 

I'm looking forward to helping you present your very best self.


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