The Action PLAN - Cydney Mar
The Action PLAN - Cydney Mar

The Action PLAN

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💥💥The Action Plan 💥 💥

💖For Business & Physical Product Makers who have great ideas but don’t know where to start.💖

It’s a 2 hour intensive to build THE Action PLAN for your Business & Product Development IDEAs once and for all.

In working with all my fabulous budding Designers, Creators, Product Idea Meisters, I found the ONE thing that was often standing in the way of them taking the plunge in bringing their dreams to life was THE Action PLAN.

I realized that with ALL our fab ideas, an enormous amount of creativity spilling over the edges, was the SAFE container, it supported them, contained them and kept them on track.

This weekend, TWO of my clients were in Studio doing Photo Shoots and Videos for their upcoming Product Launches. SO Exciting!! They are on their way and its all part of the plan.

Building THE ACTION PLAN means spilling it all out in a mind dump, getting it out of your head onto paper, sorting through all the bits to organize what is important, toss what is not and put in into an order that makes production sense. Associating a Timeline and approximate budget to it. Nail most of it down. Having me by your side as a great sounding board to sort it all out. 

I found that once we created THE Action Plan, the fear factor dissipated. Overwhelm abated.

We could see what needed to be done now, next week and weeks thereafter. We could see the level of funds needed. The Resources. It was all easy to see HOW things needed to be paced. All the Must-By-Dates are there so each chapter could be begun and finished.

Often The Action Plan helped my clients get real about The Project, they could course correct, know how much $ they need to invest and what were the next steps to move the needle forward.

Have an idea to develop a product that you’ve been itching to do? Don’t know how? Book The Action Plan with me to jump-start your project and bring your ideas to life. It all starts with a solid dynamic plan.

I would also encourage you to download The Product Development Roadmap, my 7 step process I use for my own product development projects. It’s helped me produce and sell over 300 million dollars in sales over the years that I have been creating, developing and producing.

Happy Creating! 


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