Presentation Skills Testimonial

Greg Castanza, Halo2Cloud QVC Hall of Fame 

I may have been one of Cydney's very first "customers".....but then again, she is so passionate about sharing her best practices, that I doubt it.

I met Cydney in 2012 in Beijing while we were both at QVC China doing airings; she an experienced presenter, me a complete novice. I can honestly say that she has been instrumental in my company's success as she gave me so many useful tips and wonderful advice. For no other reason than she truly loves the process and enjoys digging deep into the intricacies of on-air presentations. 

Even now after 6 years and hundreds of airings, I still turn to Cydney for her straightforward, practical and experienced advice.

I am certain that she can help you with your presentation skills; novice or expert her insight is priceless. Even Roger Federer has a coach!

It is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend Cydney to assist you.