Key Business Foundations

Hey Ideameisters ~ 

I've been thinking a LOT about what keeps coming up in conversations with my clients ~

We always start off with the exciting ideas & goals that you each have ( and it's my superpower to help you pull them down to earth in a way that is doable... some of you resist heroically & eventually surrender, lol )

I also JUST finished mentoring tons of entrepreneurs over on Mentorly in conjunction with StartUp Canada, where I love being an expert advisor.

And the three KEY FOUNDATIONAL Business building areas that were consistent across all product categories ~

A Project Management Plan ~ 
I often guide my clients to create a Task & Timeline Project Management Chart that is a key to all of my projects no matter HOW complex. My version is The Action Plan, which has saved many projects from being unfinished because of overwhelm & frustration. 

Business Basics ~ 
I find that some of the basics are missing, such as company registrations, trademarks, insurances like product liability, accounting systems & ways of earning income. Might seem boring but crucial to building the right business.

Realistic Time Management ~ 
New ideas mean you need to find " new time " in your schedule to build it. Often I review schedules & we look at how to make time more efficient by chunking out time, setting up a weekly schedule & having accountability meetings. 

So if you have been sitting on your ideas, wishing to bring them to life & not feeling like you are moving the needle forward, perhaps we need to talk:)

If you'd like to grab a Complimentary Discovery Call with me to see if your idea is feasible, let's talk!

Many Blessings!

Cydney, Princess Shilo & Chuk 

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