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Complimentary Concept to Creation Call


Cydney is incredibly knowledgeable, organized and HELPFUL. If you're starting a product-based business, do your business a favour and take Cydney up on this offer.

It allowed me to think in a more "business" way, aka: HIRE people to do almost everything that is not in our zone of genius.

Inge Broer

Cydney is a wonderful mentor, coach and a professional. She was able to give us a clear direction on what needs to be done in order to create a successful product. She knows exactly how to get you from point A to point B and save you time so that you can accomplish your goal even faster. Thank you Cydney for all your help and we look forward to working with you.

Valentina & Marieta

Cydney has walked the walk and her knowledge and experience is worth gold to anyone starting their business.

She goes the extra mile to outline all the steps a business needs to thrive. I feel so blessed to have met her and I’m looking forward to start her 3 month program.

Dani Hunter Andrade

Absolutely LOVE my session with Cydney!

She went above and beyond my expectations as she explained everything clearly to me.

She helped me to form a game plan to move forward to simplify and strategize my business- while outlining specific ways to do this.

Catherine Epstein

Dreaming of your next design?

Complimentary Discovery Call

We help you look for Fabrics & Trims are perfect for your designs ~

Want to know more about our services?
Jewellry design

Have a great Jewellery Idea?

Have a jewellery idea you'd like to explore?

Dreaming of the Cat Walk ?

Learn more about presentation skills tailor made for you

Coaching Programs & Services

A Product & Design Hour

Need a sounding boardworking on an idea and need help figuring out how to simplify, create an actionable plan and get un-stuck?

Or do you have a presentation to give and need to get focused?

Overwhelmed? Need me to put on my Product Therapist Hat?

Need a sounding board?

Branding, oh Branding!!

This is the cornerstone of building your Brand ~

We explore together your idea to build out the look and feel that you are dreaming about ~ That is the yummy fun that we will dive into to come up with a statement, a look and feel that expresses your brand in a way that captures its essence.

Explore Your Brand Identity

Develop Your Core Collection

Do you have an idea for a program of fabulous designs that you would like to turn into money-making products? 

My 6 Pack Product Program is suitable for people who would like to develop an initial small collection. 
Let's get you started!!

Develop Your Core Collection

Develop Your Full Collection

You have an idea, a whole bunch of them, percolating in your head, your notebooks are full of colors, rough sketches, retailers or influencers you want to feature and wear your designs.

You are in the right place. 

Let's build it right.

Create Your Full Brand Collection

The A la Carte Services Menu

I have many services that you can use to help you get the perfect products developed. 

These are Graphists, sample makers, patternmakers, cutters, jewellery craftsmen,  to name a few, that I have worked with for years, and trust their professionalism.

Choose your product services

The Product Genie Swag Bags for Events & Retreats

If you have an upcoming event and are looking for the perfect customized swag for your 5 Star experience, I'd love to help. 

I LOVE creating products for events whether they are Retreats, Corporate, Weddings or for Private Jets as this is where I get to bring out my inner Product Genie.

Your wish is my command

Cydney Mar Design

Fashion for me always started with the fabrics ~ the touch, the colors, the look, the feel. Let's dream into what fabrics would be right for YOUR Collections

Making the Patterns

And creating just the right shape and form for each design is an art unto itself. The architectural precision required, the sensibility of the nature of the fabric to create the design you envision.

Skilled Sample Makers

To bring your ideas to life, the sample makers make all the difference in the way your brand tells its story. It is a story of the outdoors? Or is it a story of charming nursery rhymes? Each stitch speaks volumes.

The Cydney Mar Design & TV Portfolio

Essential Shawl VIDEO ~

Here is my Iconic Essential Shawl which I sold into 8 countries around the world, over  a period of 10 years, always selling out.  Designs that transcended time & allowed each woman to create her own signature look. 

Essential Shawl VIDEO

Cydney Mar Brand VIDEO

This was my Cydney Mar Brand Positioning Video for QVC worldwide
I loved being able to help women find their Everyday Fabulous ~
Truly my personal mission to help women create their own style.

Cydney Mar Brand Video

Cydney Mar Fashion Montage VIDEO

Here are a few of my Cydney Mar fashions over the years at QVC UK, being interviewed by CTV for the Day in the Life of a Designer. So fun to see some of my own history, where I've been and what I have done !! Ultimately, it's ALL for you.

Cydney Mar Fashion Video

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